Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Dead in Husnulkhathimah (good condition):

1.Sempat say two sentences martyrdom.

2.Berpeluh didahi.
Word of the Prophet: "That the death of a person believing that with the release of sweat on the forehead",
History by Ahamd and Termidzi.

3.Mati at night or a Friday.
Word of the Prophet "was not a Muslim who died on the day or evening on Friday but God would take care of the grave slander."

4.Mati on the battlefield for defending the religion of Allah.

5.Bagi people who were martyred there are 6 advantages:
a) will necessarily be forgiven his sins and is shown his seat in heaven (except those who still have business debts).
b) seksa Rescued from the grave.
c) Safe from fear of an extremely large and powerful.
d) In perhiasi by faith.
f) The right to marry an angel (as poor - poor is 49 nymphs).
g) can intercede for 70 people family. History by Termizi, Ahamd and Ibn Majah.

6.Mati childbearing.

7.Mati as "epidemic"
Word of the Prophet, "epidemic was one death for every believer martyred". (Let it patiently and redha menganggungnya). Narrated by Muslim.

8.Mati result of abdominal pain then he died a martyr,
word of the Prophet. And those who die because of abdominal pain then he dies a martyr ".
Narrated by Muslim.

9.Mati drowned and buried by the building.

10.Mati burning. Tabrani history.

11.Mati in childbirth. History At Tabrani.

12.Mati kerana TB hospital.
Rasulullullah Word, "people who died from the disease bore emaciated he was martyred."
Tabrani history.

13. dead war wounds in the way of Allah.
Word of the Prophet: "Whoever cuts since the war in Allah's way as dead, it means that he is a martyr, or contact departure by camel or horse or die he placed his bed (after fighting it) and for what - anything desired by God, then surely he is a martyr and will go to heaven ". History of David.

14. dead maintain the property. History Bokhari.

15.dead for defending themselves. Word of the Prophet "Whoever killed for defending his blood (his) It is thus martyred." History Abu Daud.

16.Mati in getting - ready to fight in the cause of God.

17.Mati while such pious charity is demanding of science (science that is allowed by Islam) dimasjid or are preaching ..

Abu Laith said,
"Those who want to survive the grave seksa she should
melazimi 4 case and left four cases:
1.Menjaga prayer 5 times.
2.Banyak charity.
3.Banyak reading the Quran.
4.Banyak hymn.

And let him leave:
1.Meninggalkan lie.
2.Meninggalkan treasonous nature.
3.Meninggalkan pitted nature - sheep.
4.Mejaga Diabetes.

Sources: Ryushare