Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Not Only A Dream

"Life is filled full of dreams, we have to have a dream, we have to have a dream high, we must dare to dream big, you know why??? Due to the great people out there to be big because dreams are always great ...!!

Dream is the ambition of the man who became the driving force for progress. The dream is a passion that will drive people to
bring in to reality.
The world is growing with a higher civilization and technology more powerful thanks to the dreams of a great man. Those big guys are the dream

Esa is a woman from the village who is very pretty and nice,
she is preferable in the village because he's a very smart woman.
Esa is the son of a peasant family, even though he was only the son of a farmer but he was not willing to bury
shy or job goals just because the family economy.
one dream job is to become an agricultural engineer,
she was motivated from his own family, because the family farmer, she wanted to become an agricultural engineer that if he could become an agricultural engineer she can assist families in working their fields.
Esa is the first child of eleven children, was very much a child, they lived a simple life, though many parents have children but their parents afford to send all their children, because the parents were very attentive to all their children, parents want all their children succeed
and successful.
although they are only a farmer but they are confident, able to provide education to all children. it is very heavy burden of his parents, but all children do not remain silent, they always help their parents after school.
as well as one, not only to help their parents in the field but also help the younger brother to learn, one always give motivation to all the younger siblings to continue learning and pursue their dreams.
one is in the child's most proud of in the village, because
she was a very diligent and smart, when she was in elementary school a lot of accomplishments that he could, so she often participated in various competitions, and earn trophies and money, and the money he tube to pay for their own school.
she never asked for pocket money to his parents, because she realized that his parents only farmers who live simply and have many children.
to eat even just a potluck, it is very ironic indeed, but that's what makes h
er stronger to learn and try to chase her dreams.

r Father always gives motivation for one and all of their children, before his father also had dreams of becoming an engineer, but because of the economy so that the family does not allow her  to bury his dream job to become an agricultural engineer.
but the ideals that his goal now was continued by her son Esa.
so he was very happy, even though he did not become an engineer but h
er son, so she tried to work hard for the achievement of the ideal son.

he did not want to dreams children not materialize simply because the economic situation as it is experienced him first.
he strive for one goal ,
although  neighbors sometimes borrow money to pay their children's school, he is not shy, which is important all children in school.
though sometimes he was very embarrassed because neighbors often borrowed money, but the neighbors are very good, they know one family circumstances. They even proudly, as though only as farmers but have children with high ideals and smart goals.
Sometimes  even neighbors who lend their own money to pay for her child's school.

When junior high school, one more famous for
clever, one day the teacher was teaching math in her class, but strangely when her teacher explained, blamed her teacher , she confirmed all the teachers study.really one child is a genius. she's smarter than the teacher himself, until her teacher because she was embarrassed.
When junior champion
she always get 1. And she's also  always follow the race. Because she always get 1 champion and always wins the race so that the school also gave her  an award, she can go to school for free until graduation.
It was very helpful parents, one is not just a clever but also very affectionate family.
And one has a
brother who is also very smart, his name Bayu, bayu has always won first in his school, bayu  brother is one motivator.
It's not just a good one, pretty and smart but also as an encouragement for everyone.

And when graduation, one gets the best student achievement for obtaining the highest marks in the national examination.
And one had also received an award from the school, in the form of a certificate and a sum of money as a token of gratitude for his accomplishments one school for bringing the good name of the school.
Not Just that, one also get a free international standard in high school, and without going through the tests, parents were
very proud one, the hard work had paid off her parents.
she is not as easy as it can get everything, she had to work hard to achieve his goals, and she also works as a private teacher to meet the needs of her own, because not only did she have in all requirement inadequate, younger siblings are still many needs.
In high school one is preferable, because
she was always friendly to all my friends and often helps if your friends get in trouble, although one smart kid but she's not arrogant, she's willing to help anyone who needed her. she likes to help others.
Friends theme was also diligently studying for one, they want to be like one, one has to make everyone amazed by h
More and more convinced that one day
she can achieve my goals, intentions, embroidery and hard work he's sure goals goals will be realized, although only a farm boy but she wants to prove that young farmers can also be an engineer.

Esa had teenagers, during their high school years are usually the most wonderful period, because usually every woman or man has begun to like the opposite sex,
but not for one,
she does not want to think about going out, he prefers to think of the future goals and dreams to him, but a lot of men who like for  him, but he always refused, he always says "happiness is not because I have a boyfriend now, but I was happy, I could achieve my goal I am, for my parents, they are the most prized possessions in my life, not necessarily boyfriends mate and mate it's in the hands of God. "
so strong ambition to achieve my goals, until he is willing to sacrifice her time in high school for her future.
Really rarely any women like one, the firm establishment and always strive for
her dream..

One day a young man came to her house, she told the parents that she loves
esa, and one was shocked, he dared tell her parents immediately if he loves one.
But her parents just let go, they leave it to one.
But all that did not make him melt one heart, one remained steadfast stance, one jilt him, one said "I'm going to get married after I became an engineer and I have helped younger sister I went to school".
Really ... so strong heart and establishment of one, until he said that.
After he graduated high school he was accepted at the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), one get a scholarship and without the test in IPB.
she is more confident and stronger, that dream will soon come true goals.
People in the village are also talking about him, they're all proud of all the achievements of one, they pray that what he
r  dreams  come true one.
Everyone wanted to be like h
er, all proud of his.
In college, one also always follow national and international competitions.
She has attended national competition in Way Kambas float, she must ride an elephant for a full day to find out what food the elephants and look at it, until she was willing his body full of wounds exposed fur elephant is very rude and he should follow elephant will go, to go to the forest .
But, thanks to the hard work of one,
she finally selected a winner in the race. The hard work he has always come to fruition, he also iut parents happy.
It is not in doubt the ability of one, with confidence high, try hard and full of confidence one can get everything she wants.
she also never represent Indonesia in international competitions in Japan and Germany, and no one in doubt who is the winner.although the third winner.
S2 S
o that she got a scholarship, but he had to choose in japan or germany.
she'd graduation, parents she had come, but alas they are just peasants who live simply, not enough money to go to bogor, but one was a smart kid, she's been saving for the cost of her parents went to Bogor to see him graduation.
And the time comes he must determine S2 she chose to continue her in japan or germany.
Actually she prefers in Japan but  she thought the future , if he is to Japan so he maybe only 1 year once she came home, so she did not choose them, and she continued her S2 at ITB and ITB will also provide scholarships to one.
and bayu follow his sister esa to study in IPB ,because bayu want to become her sister esa,and bayu also get schoolarship in IPB because bayu many have achievement.
But bayu often embrassed because his friend think, he can enter in the IPB because his sister esa, they are think esa coorporate with IPB to take her brother bayu.
Although is it not true, bayu can enter IPB because his efford, didn’t because esa.
But his mother suport to bayu to keep spirit, and don’t think their friends which is not like him.

 Bayu and esa are brother and sister which must example to our life, because they are high spirit to take their dreams to their future.

This is the true story of one of the villages
central lampung,hard work one worthy example.

Life is filled full of dream dreams, we have to have a dream, we have to have a dream high, we must dare to dream big.
In the journey of life, dreams are dreams to perfection. There are times when we must fight, and learn to respond to all the secrets of life.
journey to perfection is a process that determines every step we tread. Every breath, heartbeat, from day into evening. All the same point, perfection. All human beings have the right time.
Nor did feel a bit narrow chance
she got. What is the biggest secret of life? Through the day with full meaning. The meaning of love, life, and faith. With love life becomes beautiful, with a simple life sciences, and the faith life becomes focused.

Dream capable of acting as a source of motivation aroused ambition and optimism, so that we are able to surpass all the obstacles and difficulties they are having dreams tiddak left many things life has to offer.
Passion or persistence they easily fade, so they easily turn their dreams into a very simple, but big dreams have the power that great anyway.
A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and Become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.

“The END”