Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Contoh Struktur Karangan Personal Narative

Wind of Change

Life always had it own stories. Begun from the sweetest till sadness moment, they were a unity which always poured to each other and could not be a part. Sometimes we only could make wider our lips than normality caused something that unkind for us, and also being sad caused because our main goal it was going away, it could be happened to  our dreams or anything that we wanted which most meaningful to our own life.
Thus situation also be happening beyond this my own life, I ever knew someone, belonged her love, and I had given back my affections only for herself. I did sincerity but suddenly she went away and leaved me here alone, I felt down and this happening taught me about the pain caused losing someone special, I knew it was normal and could be happened in anytime and anywhere like for, I could bare it on my backs although sometimes I always thought why it should be happened.
Patiently, I would find the way to life and how to be tough.  I was aware if this un-well situation, it was my own destiny and the best ways which Allah swt wrote, and also would be the greatest of my own romantic moment in this life. That was happened at my past and been so long came to my own life but I could not nope about a shadow within this heart even I did hardly and struggled to forget her well. Sometimes, I remembered about her-own way to love me, and when I did, there was only a painful which remained in my heart.
This my own lovely story started from the situation when I met someone who I looked for, and it been so long. I called her by Cinderela, the girl who lived and only back for me, we met when we were on X University, we taught in the same faculty. As whole time when we were being kind and took carefully to each other like a brother who careful to his sister out of my sense, I did not realize how this feeling came and haunted me in a day?  I was talking to my own-self, did I love her so? What should I do? I had made my self confidence and took a decision about dating to talk about it.
The day when I decided to talk about this problem, I asked her to meet in the other time via mobile phone, I asked her to do that dating when we were in our free-time.  She answered me and asked if she wanted to attend. We made a deal to date around 07.00 pm. on Thursday, November 10th, 2011. 
When I was in this dating, I looked through her eyes and suddenly there were many questions instead my head. I joked her with anything fools something, at the time I tried to make her kept always smile, after we finished our dinner, I decide to tell her that I love her so. My heart felt like a pump which pumped out the water through the pipes, it curious me caused she made me waiting for her words, was she going to accept me as her boyfriend or would she declined me softly. I did not believe that she was going to accept me as her mine that night would be a wonder night in my life.
As long as the time that I was her mine, many kinds of happiness which we created to each other, we believed about anything else, but who would be knowing about the future brings? It was a reason which made me afraid, and as like my own guessed that her parents disliked me and would not accept our special relationship without a reason. I did all my best for, I felt so comfort with her, and why she could not be mine.
Time goes by but this chronicle and memories have been colored me. Ours would be a story of the love and affections which I ever gave to someone. I did not want to be a liar-man, every moment that I felt about it all, only hurtful and made me worse caused I would think that I was a man, the unused man for my own-self or others but I did believe that I would feel about the “Wind of Change” which could be started from did tolerant and always wanted to believe that all the stories had their own story at the last, it came to the words that sounded as well as “no Ivory that do not rift”.