Jumat, 10 Mei 2013


A. In this part of the test, you have to choose the best answer to each questions by crossing the alternative in the answer paper is gives.

1.      Did you. . . at the beach last week?
a.       Swam
b.      Swim
c.       Swiped
d.      Swum
e.       swimming

2.      Her stepmother and stepsister.... let Cinderella to go to hell.
a.       Will not
b.      Can not
c.       Could not
d.      Would not
e.       Shall not

3.      Last night we. . . Invitid in Robby’s party.
a.       Was been
b.      Were been
c.       Are
d.      Was
e.       Were

4.      The money that you.....last night were not enough for having dinner.
a.       Gave
b.      Give
c.       Given
d.      Giving
e.       was giving

5.      Everybody went quite when she arrived. Th prince.....to...her.
a.       Walk up – greeted
b.      Walk up – greet
c.       Walked up – greet
d.      Walks up – greet
e.       Walk up – greeted

6.      The prince....for his guard to...that gril
a.       Sent – find
b.      Send – found
c.       Sending – found
d.      Send – finding
e.       Sent – found

7.      The kady whom we....in office yesterday is a civil servant.
a.       Met
b.      Sees
c.       Meet
d.      See
e.       Seen

8.      The visitor came here.....
a.       Four days later
b.      One day after tomorrow
c.       Two days before today
d.      Today
e.       Last year

9.      You cousins..... last night.
a.       Visited her friend
b.      Go to your house
c.       Did sleep in hotel
d.      Are you going to visit you
e.       Do sleep in hotel

10.  Maya broke of her love with Albert. Her tears. . . from her checks.
a.       Feel down
b.      Fell down
c.       Fallen down
d.      To fell down
e.       Falling down

11.  They... foot ball yesterday
a.       Played
b.      Play
c.       Plays
d.      Playing
e.       Player

12.  Dika. . . to school yesterday
a.       Go
b.      Went
c.       Gone
d.      Goes
e.       going

13.  I ...it yesterday.
a.       Buy
b.      Buying
c.       Bayed
d.      Bought
e.       Bon

14.  Eva... for a bus yesterday last night.
a.       Wait
b.      Waits
c.       Waiting
d.      Waited
e.       Weather

15.  We.... english lasts night
a.       Were
b.      Practiced
c.       Answered
d.      Was
e.       Well

16.  She ...the exam early this morning.
a.       Takes
b.      Taking
c.       Take
d.      Took
e.       Too

17.  I... structure and grammar all days yesterday
a.       Studies
b.      Studied
c.       Study
d.      Studying
e.       Studies

18.  Lina     : did the boys study after class
Rina     :No.
Lina     :what did they do?
Rina     : they.... football
a.       Play
b.      Plays
c.       Will play
d.      Played
e.       Playing

19.  Rianto : hello, i’m back
Mother            : oh, nice to see you again.
              How was you camping?
Rianto : It was great. It was an wxisting experience.
Mother            : I’m Happy to hear that.
a.       We’ re enjoying it
b.      We’re going to enjoy it
c.       We has been enjoying it
d.      We really enjoyed it
e.       We enjoy it

20.  Anto    : Did you got thpublic library over there yesterday?
Iwan    : Yes and your nephew, Rudi, was there, too. He.... me his
              New address
Anto    : That’s good. So you cangoto this house anytime without
Iwan    : sure,,,
a.       Gives
b.      Gave
c.       Give
d.      Give given
e.       Was given