Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Truth of Islam continually evidenced by the discovery after discovery science.

how are you guys, if you one of a muslim read this statement…
Truth of Islam continually evidenced by the discovery after discovery science.
1,400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad has stated in the hadith that one day the sun will rise from the West as proof of greatness of Allah and the characteristics of apocalypse was imminent: "" It will not happen apocalypse so the sun rises from the west, where he has risen from west and all the people saw it, then all they will be faithful, and that time is not any good faith believing someone who has never been before. "(Reported by Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurairah., and history Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah).
The sun rises from the West will take place for one day only, and then close the door of repentance. After that, the movement of the sun will be back as before rising from the east to the apocalypse. It is appropriate and justified by NASA researchers in the article below. From Ibn 'Abbas, "So Ubai bin Ka'b said:" And what will become of the sun and man after that? "He replied:" The sun will continue to shine the light and will rise as previously published, and people will face (task- task) their world, if a man horse giving birth, so he will not be able to ride a horse until the end. "(Fathul Baari, Kitaburriqaq, Juz 11, Thulu'issyamsi Min Maghribiha).
Demitri Bolykov, scientists Physics Since Ukraine became Muslim Qur'an Proves Truth That Can be Turned Round Earth Axis Direction
Demitri Bolykov, alone physicist who loved study and scientific research, says that the entrance to Islamannya is physics. It's a very scientific, how physics can push Demitri Bolyakov Islam? Demitri said that he joined in a scientific study led by Prof. Kosinikov Nicolai, one of the experts in the field of physics.
They are in the study of the samples tested in the laboratory to study a modern theory describes the rotation of the earth and its axis. They managed to set theory. However, knowing that Dimetri narrated in a hadith of the Prophet SAW is known Muslims, including even those that strengthen the core belief that theory must exist, according to the results it achieves. Demitri feel confident that this kind of knowledge, which is older than 1,400 years ago as the only source that may be only the creator of this universe.
The theory raised by Prof. Kosinov is the most recent theories and boldest in interpreting the phenomenon of rotation of the earth on its axis. A group of researchers is to design a sample of a ball filled with a thin plank of the molten metal, was placed on a magnetized body formed from opposing electrode currents.
When an electric current runs on the two electrodes, and then generate a magnetic force balls filled with a thin plank of metal begin to spin on its axis, this phenomenon is called "Motion Magno Integral Electro-Dynamics' motion at substantially into the activities of rotation of the earth on its axis.

At the level of reality in the universe, solar power is the "driving force" that could give birth to a magnetic area that could push the earth to rotate on its axis. Then the rotation of the earth's motion in fast or slow as the power intensity of solar power. On this basis also the position and direction of the north pole depends. It has been held that the Earth's magnetic poles research until 1970 moving at a speed not exceeding 10 km in a year, but in recent years is the increased speeds of up to 40 miles in a year. Even in 2001 the Earth's magnetic poles shifting from place to reach a distance of 200 km in one motion. This means that the influence of the earth's magnetic resulted in two magnetic poles alternately place. This means that the "movement" will lead to the rotation of the earth in the opposite direction. When that sun will rise (out) of the West!!
Knowledge and information as Demitri is not found in books or heard of any, but he received the conclusions of the research and experimentation and research. When he examined the books of heavenly interfaith, he did not get any clue to that information other than Islam. He found the information from a hadith narrated by Abu Huarirah, that the Messenger of Allah said, "Who repent before the sun rises from the west, Allah will accept the repentance." (From the book Islam wa Qishshah).