Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

The Story of FC Barcelona

Barcelona club was founded in 1899 by a Swiss-born Hans Gamper named (the same as you, I did not know). He formed a football club that contains players from Switzerland, England, and Catalan (a tribe in Spanish). Gamper scored 103 goals between 1901 to 1903 and became President of the club until his death in 1930. Barcelona stadium was first built in 1909 with a capacity of 6,000 spectators. First time Barcelona won the Spanish league was in 1929, just one year before the death Gamper. At that time, Barcelona has become a respected team and was able to recruit foreign players like Hector Scarone (Uruguay). However, players may be "the most" famous in this era is the goalkeeper, Ricardo Zamora. Zamora is famous for two reasons. First, her name until now immortalized as the name of the trophy award for the best goalkeeper in the Spanish league each year. Second, he was the first player to go the way of the transfer of the most dangerous in spain: Moving from Barcelona to Real Madrid!