Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Hostilities between Barcelona and Real Madrid

Hostilities between Barcelona and Real Madrid began the Franco era.

Who is this Franco?
He was a general who became a dictator ruler in Spain in 1930 - an.

​​until now, is the "capital" of the province of Catalonia, the majority is from the tribe of Catalan and Basque. In the past, these people consider themselves to catalonia is not part of Spain, and is a nation that is under "occupation" of Spain.

Franco banned the use of Catalan regional flag and language. FC Barcelona became the only place where a large group of people can get together and speak in their local language. Blue and maroon Barcelona a substitute that is easily understood from the red and yellow colors (flags) of Catalonia.

Franco then went further. Josep Suñol, Barcelona president at that time, was killed by the military in 1936, and a bomb was dropped on the FC Barcelona Social Club in 1938 at the football field, this hostility nadir occurred in 1941 when the players Barcelona "instructed" (under threat military) to lose to Real Madrid.

Barcelona lost and the goal they conceded 11 goals of Real Madrid. As a form of protest, Barcelona played seriously in one attack and scored 1 goal. Final score 11-1, and 1 goal was to make Franco upset. Barcelona goalkeeper later convicted on charges of "match fixing" and forbidden to play football for the rest of his life.

Since then the club FC Barcelona became a kind of "anti-franco" and became a symbol of resistance against Franco Catalonia, and in general, against Spain. There are also other clubs in Catalonia as Athletic Bilbao and Espanyol. Athletic Bilbao to date remains the only ideals to recruit native Basque players, but in terms of achievement is not perfect like Barcelona. Similarly with Espanyol.

While used as a symbol of the enemy, of course, is Franco's favorite club, based in the capital of Spain, FC Real Madrid. As a symbol of resistance, culture and character of Barcelona then formed by itself. Whoever coaches, and any style is used, only one character: Attack!. As a striker, Barcelona aims to break the dominance of Real Madrid (and for Catalonia, breaking the dominance of Spain). For that abstinence Barcelona play defense, because it is a symbol of fear. Victory or defeat are common. But courage holds the character, that is the symbol of resistance.

In the 50's and 60's, Barca is covered by the triumph of Real Madrid, who was reinforced Ferenc Puskas, Di Stefano, etc.. As Franco's golden boy since the 1930's, Real Madrid has always had a large source of funding for shopping players. Barcelona itself, in the second decade could only win the Spanish league 4 times, 2 times trophy king, and one trophy Inter City Fair (which later became the UEFA Cup)