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Legend of Bromo Mount

Joko Seger and Roro Anteng
20 11 2010
Mount Brahma / Bromo is a volcano located in the province of Java, Mount Bromo Meter.Di Timur.Tingginya 2392, there is an area called Tengger.Disana performed a ceremony conducted by the Tengger by throwing offerings into the crater of Mount Bromo as an offering to Jaya Kusuma, the son of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng.Nama Kasadha.Upacara this ceremony is performed every year in Asyuro Java.

Once, there is one king of Majapahit who left his country with the queen and some of his followers because they lost against they son. They go to the slopes of Mount Bromo and build a modest home as a residence mereka. In one day, his queen gave birth to second his son. In midnight, his son succeeded born with female gender. The king looks and says "Dinda, our children of women, and its unique a baby because the baby was not crying like a baby in general, "Really Adinda was birth, why is there no sound of crying babies?" thought the queen.

"Yes Adin
da, our children was born. Look, he looked calm, not crying. She born with normal.Because she looks calm and quiet, I would call it Roro Anteng" said the King.

Not far from the
y place, there is a modest house occupied by a husband. He is a Brahmana. In the same time, the Brahmin's wife gave birth to a baby boy and the baby crying very loud. Because the baby cried a voice that was very loud, the baby was named Joko Seger, which means fresh-bodied men "My wife, our children cry very loud, because that I will name this baby Joko Seger".

Months change with years, Roro Anteng grown into a beautiful girl, while Joko Seger grew into a handsome young man and strong. Because Roro Anteng is beautiful, many youth who come to marry her. But, none of the applications received by it because she has relation with Joko Seger and she promised not to want to love others because of the loyalty of her love for Joko Seger.

News about beauty Roro Anteng up to a giant who lived in the forest slopes of Mount Bromo is named Kyai Bima.
Heard that, he comes to ask her.
"Hi, Roro Anteng, would you marry me". Kyai Bima said.

Roro confused, If she not acceptance, their village will be destroyed by him. Joko Seger can not do anything because he did not strong to fight Kyai Bima. Roro Anteng was thinking out loud.
"If I’m not accept it, Kyai Bima will be angry ".
" Roro Anteng, answer my  questions!" said Kyai Bima.

She have idea, she rejected the proposal Kyai Bima in subtle ways, which is a requirement to submit its proposed Kyai Bima.
"Hi Bima, I received your request and be your wife". Said Roro.
"Ha Ha Ha .... Well" said Kyai Bima with a booming voice.
"Oh Bhima, I accept it, but I submit to you the terms". Cut Roro.
"What?" Said Kyai Bima.
Roro Anteng then said "I want you to make me a lake on Mount Bromo, but only in a single night!".

"Ha Ha Ha ... if you w
ant, I'll do it, it's very easy for me!" Replied Kyai Bima.
"But, Bima, you should be able to finish it up when the rooster crows!" Said Roro.

With use shell of coconut, Kyai Bima confidence and summoned all his strength to dredge land and the hole filled with water so that it will be becomes lake. Just some works Kyai Bima make a big hole. Kyai Bima Bima dredge soil without knowing tired. Roro Anteng became anxious to see Kyai Bima already making a big hole.
"Oh, how this giant really magic? It's going in the morning the lake was already finished. How can I lost him? " said Roro Anteng.

After long thought, finally
she found idea. She wake up the villagers, stars from neighbors and she’s family. Then, Roro Anteng told the women to pound rice in a mortar, while the Men's he told me to burn the straw on the east side to make it look dawn has risen.

" Oh my brothers, I ask you to create a morning atmosphere, And women, I tell you to pound rise. And you men, I command you to collect straw and burned eastward to look like the sun rises ".Said Roro
" Well Roro Anteng, we will do it ".

Then, the men and women working on the task given by Roro Anteng.
Reddish light soon appeared from the east, followed by the sound of mortar and
a rooster crows. Kyai Bhima angry cause he can’t finished his work and can not marry Roro Anteng "Damn! Morning is comes and I can’t marry Roro Anteng "exclaimed Kyai Bima.
Kyai Bima and left the place he held itu. Shell of coconut was later turned into a mountain called Mount Batok. Street who traversed Kyai Bima turned into a river that now can be seen in the forests of Mount Batok. Lake sand that has not been created by Kyai Bima turned into craters that still can be seen in the area of ​​Mount Bromo

Joko Seger and Roro Anteng be
happy and not long after, they both get married and stay on the slopes of Mountain New village that is Bromo village. Then, they open and give named the Tengger.Name is a combination of both of their names, Roro An (teng) and Joko Se (ger). They were a happy life.

After many years of marriage, they have not been blessed with
child. Because it, there unrest in the hearts of them both.
"Dinda, already many years we became husband and wife, but why we are not blessed with children? And we've tried different types of drugs" says Joko Seger.
"Kanda, maybe later we will be blessed with a children. Don not give up, we have gods" said Roro Anteng..
Joko Seger swore "I swear, if we are blessed with 25 children, one of the main of the child we will dedicate my offering sacrifices in the crater of Mount Bromo ".

After Jaka Seger say like that, suddenly appeared the fire from the ground in the crater of Mount Bromo. It sign that their prayers were heard by God. They are pleased and grateful
" Thank You god, thank you because you have hearkened. We will keep our promise ".

Finally, they have 25 children and last named is Jaya Kusuma. Because over happy, they forgotten with the promise. One night, when Joko Seger sleep, God admonished him to keep his promise to dedicate her child to be one of the main offerings at Mount Bromo in a dream "Hi Joko Seger stick to your promise to dedicate your child to become one of the main offerings at Mount Bromo". Joko Seger were startled and wake up. "Oh, how about this? I loved them" Joko Seger continued restless sleep

In the morning, Joko Seger wake up from his sleep and also began to get nervous because he has not kept his promise. Everyday his stress because he can’t keep his promise and hope there is one of the main of them are willing to sacrifice ".

With his wife, they collect the children in a meeting. They explain his promise that he'd
He said "My children, my father actually had an appointment that involves you '.
" About what father? "asked her children
" Before you were born, my father and your mother had not been blessed with children.
Although we has been a lot of praying and working. Because it father and mother are also not blessed with children, the father utter a promise that if there are 25 children's father, one of them there should be dedicated to offering the crater of Mount Bromo, "said Joko Seger

" So, whether involving our father, "asked her children
" Do you have one of the main of which will be offering in the crater of Mount Bromo," asked the father.
"My father, whether the child's father bear the expense of his own father, why the father promise like that? Is not love with our father," asked one of the main child.
"It's not that my son, I just want to have children, so that your father was promised by endowed
children. Father was very dear to you all, so my father could not bring myself to offer you all be of one of the main offerings in the crater of Mount Bromo," said the father to his children.
"Please father,  I'm not going to be offering at Mount Bromo.Kami not want to die young father" said the Eldest.
"Yes, we do not want to die was burned by the heat of the crater of Mount Bromo," said her son and daughter,

except for the Jaya Kusuma.
"Father, Mother, I'm dedicated to offering the crater of Mount Bromo's father, for the sake of peace my father.
"Jaya Kusuma my son, why are you willing to dedicate to our offerings in the crater of Mount Bromo? While his older brother did not dare do that" said Joko Seger.
"Ananda will do anything, for my family and this village!”
, allow me to go into the crater of Mount Bromo, "said Jaya Kusuma.

To commemorate that event, the Tengger people that had spoken to command when Jaya Kusuma will throw themselves into the cauldron, which sends the results on the field to 14 months with menceburkannya Kasadha into the crater where Kusuma immersed diri.Hal continue to do until now and become a traditions that made this community then called Tradition Tengger.Tradisi Kasadha