Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Contoh Riwayat Hidup

Yuli Hidayat  was born on July 02nd1990 in Seputih Banyak, Lampung Tengah. He is the second child from Mr.Rubi Yanto and Mrs. Darsih. Her father’s job is a civil servant and her mother’s job as a housewife. He has one sister and one daughter..
He started his education from SDN 1 Seputih Banyak, Lampung Tengah. After finished, he continues his education in junior high school of SMPN 2 Seputih Banyak and graduated in 2006. And then she studied in junior high school in SMA N2 Seputih Banyak graduated in 2009. After that she continues his study in Muhammadiyah University of Metro. He took the English Education program.